Why Aptuity

Hire the right person, right from the start!

At Aptuity, we believe that long-lasting working relationships are built on trust. When you have a key position that needs to be filled, you should be able to depend on a company that can offer you the right talent, quickly and consistently. That’s why some of the world’s most successful companies rely on Aptuity. When you call on us, we will respond with prompt, efficient service designed to meet your specific needs. Find out today how Aptuity can assist you in creating your optimal team of professionals.
1. We understand your business needs.
We have 3 practices that focus on IT, ERP and Telecom technology and business solutions. Our Business Development Managers and Staffing Analysts understand the distinct skills you are seeking. We’ll not only know what you want, we’ll know which candidates/consultants can best serve you.

2. We always provide qualified specialists.
We know you want candidates/consultants who are fully up to speed on the skills you need and who will perform well within your corporate culture. We carefully screen our candidates for well-honed skills and for the ability to work well in different environments. We screen each candidates/consultants carefully, do a thorough reference check, and ask the hard questions.

3. We offer a wide range of skills and experience.
We have experience working with tight budgets and tight deadlines. We understand the difficulties managers face and help find ways to make your job easier and your project and team a success.

4. We respond quickly.
When you contact us for any reason, we will respond that day. Meeting your needs is our highest priority.

5. We commit to your project’s success.
Once your project begins, we continue to provide support and value to our clients and consultants alike. We share lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid and proven methods that have worked on similar projects. We make sure your project runs smoothly. We help keep the project on track, delivering quality work that is on time and within your budget.

6. We stand by our service.
We are dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with clients and consultants and candidates alike. That commitment means you can count on us to be honest, thorough, and explicit in our communications. We are committed to “do what we say we will do, and to do it right”.

7. We value ethics in all relationships.
We cultivate proactive trusting relationships with our clients, employees, consultants, candidates, partners, and suppliers. Our long-term success depends on treating everyone we deal with openly, honestly, and respectfully.